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How to use tumblr music files for your tumblelog music player

Difficulty: Medium

I do this often since I am bored to get an account on other sites just to upload a music file. Additionaly when there advertisments before the music file, billy stucks and loads forever…and we do not want that, do we?


I’m not telling you this in order to download tumblr music files, but ONLY for the music player.

1. We are going to use billy player, so open it in a new tab on your browser.

2. Now go to your dashboard and upload your music as always.

3. After you have uploaded the file, search it on your dashboard, press play and then do RIGHT click and select INSPECT ELEMENT. A bar is going to appear on the bottom of your page (image).

5. What we are intrested in is this little line of code. What you see after <audio type=”audio/mp3”> between src=” and is the url you need. Select this code and press CTRL+ C to copy it.

6. Paste it in notepad or somewhere else and delete src” and " (make sure you do that else the url won’t work). Then copy and paste what is left on a new tab. The audio file will appear on the new page and start playing and the url name will change. Select, copy and paste your new url in billy player.

And here you go, you have a fully functioning music player for your blog with any song you can find uploaded in tumblr!

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